Slicers, toasters, kettles – household appliances made in Germany

ritterwerk, established by Franz Ritter in 1905, is a traditional Bavarian company that looks back with pride on more than 100 years of history. ritterwerk is a mediumsized company that develops and manufactures free-standing and built-in household appliances that help make routine kitchen tasks a little easier.

Since 1905, the traditional Bavarian company ritterwerk has developed and produced household appliances such as food-slicers, toasters, built-in scales and many more. Our appliances help to make your day-to-day work around the kitchen that bit easier.


Appliances made in Germany

We take special pride in the fact that all of ritter appliances, be they food slicers, toasters, kettles or one of our other built-in devices, are still produced in Germany. The "made in Germany" principle is firmly embedded in our corporate philosophy.

Producing household appliances means much more to us. High standards of quality, suitable materials and a functional design are part of our self-image and the related Bauhaus tradition from the 1920s.

A fusion of the Zeitgeist (spirit of the age) and elements of the Bauhaus tradition acts as the basis for the development of other household appliances to complement our range, based on the condition of the market and the technical possibilities in the future.

Along with manufacturing high quality products, We guarantee that, even many years after your purchase, we will continue to provide you with accessories for cutting machines and household appliances as well as suitable replacement parts. In terms of repair, we have our own workshop for repairing your ritter devices even decades after they have been purchased.

Generating eco energy

A large photovoltaic system has been installed on the roof of our production facilities in order to make a positive contribution in terms of sustainability. The durability of ritter products and the energy saved through the use of ECO engines in ritter slicers are also significant factors in this regard.

Excellent products

Upon the 100 years anniversary of the company, ritter was awarded the prestigious TOP 100 award. Other product and design awards for both our kettles and toasters as well as for our food slicers confirm the high quality of our products.